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Charted Territories

Charted Territories are designed to generate new ideas in the “under followed” or “not followed” universe of equity securities. Technical analysis is employed to uncover interesting investment opportunities in this universe. A variety of situations, such as an emerging company, a firm at the conceptual stage, a company just out of bankruptcy, a company in survival, a special situation of some kind or a “turn around” are screened for to add a backdrop to the stock chart. These stories are fundamental in nature and may be seen as different types.

In our summary piece, we provide a technical opinion, a company description, and a basic financial and stock liquidity ratio from publicly available sources. The goal is to facilitate the ability to get a “quick read” on the company in order to determine your level of interest. Pertinent links are provided to assist your “burrowing down” to the next level of analysis when desired. We publish 2-4 unique summary pieces per week at this time. The number of reports received however, will vary depending on your area of interest and market cap restrictions. We currently focus on companies based in North America, but expect to explore companies in many other markets soon. As a supplement, we arrange client/company visits when appropriate to allow potential institutional investors to meet key management.


Fundamental Focus Alerts

Fundamental Focus Alerts are technically based and are customized to our client’s criteria and focus area. The words "Fundamental Focus" indicate that we have discovered an actionable inflection point for the stock of a company. This is often an opportune time to focus on the fundamentals of the company to see if they are aligned with the investment scenario that our analysis suggests. The alerts, delivered on a proactive and reactive basis, are designed to be early in timing and will show patterns that have either formed or may be forming, allowing the user to make further analysis before making a trade decision.

Fundamental Focus alerts have a wide variety of uses and can be used to monitor individual securities in a client’s portfolio, sectors, industry groups or benchmarks. It is also possible to monitor Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s,) mutual funds and commodity contracts where appropriate.


Energy Insights

Energy Insights is a new product under development that focuses on the spot contract of both the Henry Hub Natural Gas and the Light Sweet Crude Oil futures market. The reports are published on a weekly basis and are designed to highlight major price levels and technical patterns. When combined with fundamental analysis, these levels and patterns are intended to provide superior price and timing points for professionals in energy related activities.

Collaborative Products

Currently, we produce two collaborative equity research products for different NASD member firms. One is completely produced by Olson Global Markets and focuses exclusively on stocks in registration in the secondary market. The other mixes our technical expertise with the fundamental research expertise of another independent research provider in order to build a report that combines both research disciplines into a single document. Each of these collaborations is designed to provide insight on specific securities that might otherwise not be easy to obtain.




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