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We are Olson Global Markets, an independent research firm specializing in custom content creation and delivery for the professional investment community. This firm was established in 1995 and is based in Providence, Rhode Island. Its content creation uses technical analysis as its core competency to create both proprietary and collaborative research products and services.

The financial markets are flooded with information and analysis at a time when constraints for the professional investor are substantive. Technical analysis is an extremely important, but underused form of evaluation on equity securities. It is now recognized by the Securities and Exchange Committee in its Safe Harbor guidelines. Its use in the investment process can yield substantial insight quickly. Our actionable alerts are customized to the end user’s specific focus area and are delivered in a timely manner. These alerts are intended to provide additional insight in an easy to understand format. In this manner, the investment professional can integrate our alerts into his/her investment process in an efficient manner. Using our proprietary “push” technology, we can also provide a high level of customization on an enterprise level.

Olson Global Markets has two proprietary core products and two collaborative products in full production currently. They all focus on equity securities traded in the United States. These can be expanded to include securities that trade on 54 different equity exchanges in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.











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